Founded in 1992, Xinyaqiang Silicon Chemistry  Co., Ltd. publicly issued A-shares and was listed on Shanghai Stock Exchange on Sep.1st,2020, refered to as "Xinyaqiang" (stock code 603155).

Since 1992, the company has always focused on the area of silicone functional additives and silicon materials, owning to base and R&D center in Jiangsu, Hubei and Shanghai. Xinyaqiang, with robust portfolios including methyl, vinyl and phenyl base , is a global leading player of methyl and vinyl functional additives, vinyl and phenyl special monomers, the core product Hexamethyldisilazane is honoured National Single Champion Product by MIIT, main products are widely used as the key modification additives and special raw materials of silicon materials, group protection agents for pharmaceuticals synthesis, cleaning agents and adhesives in electronics, and stabilizing agents for lithium battery electrolyte.

Xinyaqiang is committed to providing global customers with stable and reliable customized product solutions. With the developing trend of "Specialized, Refinement,Differential and Innovative", the company constantly expands its business scope, promotes product improvement with technological innovation, wins market share with professional services, and leads the industry development with characteristic products. Xinyaqiang has become a long-term and stable partner of various well-known large scale enterprise in silicone, pharmaceutical and semiconductor in the world.









In 1992, Xinyaqiang brand was founded in Jilin, and HMDZ and MM started commercial production

In 2004, Xinyaqiang was recognized as world leading supplier of HMDZ

In 2007, vinyl series products started production and DVTMDZ started exclusive commercial production

In 2009, Jiangsu Mfg site started up, and annual production capacity of methyl series  exceeded 10,000 MT

In 2014, 5,000 mt/a phenylchlorosilane plant started production

In 2016, Xinyaqiang was recognized as world leading supplier of DVTMDS, and E-HMDZ started production

In 2020, Xinyaqiang was listed on Shanghai Stock Exchange and started phenyl oxysilanes production

In 2022, 10,000 mt/a phenylchlorosilane started production, Shanghai R&D center started operation, and  plant in Hubei started construction