Advanced Technology

· 49 key product patents

· 2 products are listed on National Torch Program

· 1 product is listed on National and Provincial Key Industry Promotion Plan

· All series products are listed on the encouraged category of the Industrial Structure Guidance Catalog of the National Development and Reform Commission

Product Patents 49




Maker of industry and association standards

· HMDZ is honoured National Single Champion Product

· Draft industry standard for 6 products including DPDCS, methylvinyl based silanes and methyl based silazanes

· Draft association standard for 7 products including HMDZ, DVTMDZ and etc.

Excellent R&D Team and labs

·Strong Tech team consists of Masters and PhDs

·Graduate and Ph. Workstation , and Enterprise Technology Center in Jiangsu Province

·Provincial Monomer Engineering Technology Research Center and Silicon Compounds and Materials Engineering Research Center in Jiangsu Province

·Robust cooperation with Wuhan University and Hangzhou Normal University.

Number of R&D team 100